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1. Want to watch some new greener grow?
Plant a few lettuce, dill or spinach seeds in a pot of moistened dirt, cover with some plastic and put in a warm place but watch closely for any new growth. Remove plastic and place in a sunny spot and you will have some fresh greens. Parsley works too but germinates much slower.
2. February and March is time to prune fruit trees if its necessary. There are free copies on pruning and pruner maintenance at the Garden Center and some informative booklets (many subjects) for only $3.99.
3. Make a convenient spot for small garden tools, gloves, seed packets & etc. by hanging a shoe bag with pockets on the wall or a cupboard door near your entrance and exit.
4. If you didn't get your fall bulbs planted and if they haven't dried up, you might try planting them in some pots of soil and put in warm place. If they sprout you won't get any blossoms this year.. But let them grow and dry to go dormanent and plant next fall. It's not a sure thing but I have had success and failures.
5. Are you fertilizing your indoor plants? It's usually safest to make you solutions weak if in doubt.
6. I have sunburned some violets in a hot southern exposure when; they have been in too much direct sunlight and not accustomed to that wonderful sunshine.
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