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Buck Contest Results
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 Buck Contest Winners for 2014 

1st. place Sean Hagen 

      w/10 point 19 5/8" spread and weight was 180 lbs. 

2nd. place Mike Denkenberger 

        w 9 point buck 16" spread and weight was 210 lbs. 

3rd.  place Krk Hawks 

       w/8 point 17" spread and weight was 173 (Lucky Buck) 


Buck Contest Winners for 2013

1.  Norm Roselle 
2. Dave Edwards Sr. 
3. Austin Wood


Buck Contest Winners for 2012

1st. Richard Nourse
2nd. Dave Edwards Sr.
3rd. Rich Eldridge (lucky buck) 


Buck Contest Winners for 2011


1st place winner ...2011
Sean Hagen winning $145.00
10 point 200lbs. 18 7/8" spread
2nd place winner ...2011
Mike Denkenberger winning $87.00
6 points 197 lbs 16" spread
Lucky Buck Winner...2011
Rich Eldridge
winning $58.00 
There were 58 entries in 2011. 




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