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Serving the Farming Communities of New York State from Oneida to Skaneateles; Richfield Springs to Binghamton

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The Farm Store at DeRuyter Farm and Garden Co-Op offers a variety of farm and garden supplies.  See the list below to get an idea of what we carry. Click here to see the array of products available at DeRuyter Farm and Garden Co-Op.


Now selling several different kinds of cheese from Buttercup Cheese Co. 
We also have butter and cottage cheese.
We will soon have yogurt from Stoltzfus Family Dairy and cheese curds.


      If there is a particular product you are looking for and don't see it below, please contact us.

Many of the products related to gardening can also be found in the Gift and Garden Center.


Wood Pellets                                                            Farm Cleaning Supplies
Barefoot                                                                              Liquid Soap
Dry Creek                                                                           Tank brushes  


 Fencing Products                                                        Farm Animal Feeds
Wire - poly and steel                                                               Horse
Fence posts - cedar, metal and fiberglass                                 Cow
Staples                                                                                    Pig
Gates and gate handles                                                            Sheep
Post hole diggers                                                                     Chicken
Insulators                                                                                 Goat
Electric fences                                                                          Milk Replacers
Poultry fencing                                                                         Organic Feed


Farm Fertilizers and Chemicals                                       Plumbing Parts
Bulked and bagged                                                           Galvanized & Plastic


Salt Blocks                                                                        Farm Feeders 
T/M and white salt                                                                  Hay racks 
Bagged and Blocks                                                                 Feed scoops
                                                                                          Horse & cattle halters 


Farm and Barn Tools                                                               Tarps
Pitch forks                                                                               Blue plastic
Barn scrapers                                                                          Silo covers
Sledge hammers                                                                       Farm Oils
Brooms                                                                                     Gear  Oil
Rakes                                                                                      Vacuum Oil
Hoes                                                                                        WD 40
Wheel Barrows                                                                         Anti-freeze

Trash Cans


Feeders / Waterers                                                  Farm Animal Medicine
Rabbit                                                                                   Today
Hamster                                                                                    Pet Food
 Guinea pig                                                                                Guinea Pig

Horse Sprays                                                                           Bird Seed
Brushes                                                                                    Dog & cat food
Fly Masks                                                                               Rabbit food

Medicines & Vitamins                                                                                          



Pet Supplies & Grooming Equipment                               Mouse & Rat Bait
Brushes                                                                                 Have a Heart Traps
Combs                                                                                      -in assorted sizes
Flea Spray
Flea Collars
Pet Beds                                                                                Nuts and Bolts
Collars & leads
Flea Dips                                                                                                                                 
Shavings                                                                                 Water Softener Pellets


Pool Supplies                                                                       Door & Barn Track
Shock                                                                                         Hangars
Water Clarifier                                                                             Rollers
PHup & PHdown
Chlorine tablets                                                                        Baling Twine
                                                                                                7200 & 9000
Deer Forage /Deer Plots                                                       Bale wrap & netting

Clothing                                                                                   Farm/Garden Seed 
Muck Boots                                                                                    Corn
Shoes                                                                                              Soybean
Shirts                                                                                               Alfalfa
Socks                                                                                              Grass Seeds
Gloves-work & garden                                                                     Buckwheat
Work Boots                                                                                     Rye

                                               Infrared Heaters




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